Please read our FAQ before sending us a message

    What are the delivery charges for orders?

    We offer free shipping within the USA so you do not have to pay a shipping fee when purchasing from us.

    Which payment method do we accepted?

    We accept payment via Bitcoin, PayPal,  Zelle, Cashapp, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

    How long can delivery takes?

    Delivery takes 24hrs within the USA and 3-4 days to other parts of the world depending on location.

    How secure is the shop, Is my information protected?

    Our website is well encrypted and protected. With us your safety is guaranteed as we do not share your information with any third party..

    How are orders shipped?

    After your order is placed and paid for, We seal them in Vacuum packs to prevent air movement hence no smell. We now package them as birthday gifts and have them sent out.

    I have paid for my orders, What next?

    Once an order is placed and paid for, please give us a little time to process the order. Within the period of about 2-3 hours we shall have your order packaged and registered for delivery to your address after which we shall email you a delivery confirmation containing your tracking details and other information related to the delivery. Thanks